Fairpark RV


If you don’t find the answers you need here, please give us a call at (925) 426-3340 or email us at rvcamping@alamedacountyfair.com and we’ll be glad to help.

The campground is located inside the Alameda County Fairgrounds property on Bernal Avenue at Valley Avenue, off I-680 in Pleasanton. The main entrance is Gate 12 off of Valley Avenue.


Campground guests should enter through Gate 12 off of Valley Avenue. Continue straight and turn left at the sign.


If you arrive after business hours, your welcome packet will be located in the bin to the right of the RV office door. Check-in documents for late arrivals will be left in a bin at the front of the RV Store (located directly next to the campground.) Just sign the paperwork and place it in the drop box at the same location. Your space number will be indicated on the agreement.

All rates are by the day. Please check the reservations page on the campground website for current rate schedule.

The North park is bigger with upgraded bathroom & laundry facilities. The South campground is older and offers a more relaxed camping atmosphere with ample tree shade.

The Fairpark RV campground does not offer long-term contracts, but guests can make reservations for up to 21 days at a time. After 21 days, a site change is required. As long as availability permits, guests may make as many 21-day reservations as they like.

Yes, leashed pets are welcome. Owners are responsible for pet waste clean up.

The campground does not offer cable, but complimentary Wi-Fi is provided

Campfires are not permitted at the RV campground.

The park is open 24-hours daily. The campground does not lock the gates.

Both North and South campgrounds each have a laundry facility.

The campground does not have a wash station.

The main part of the Fairgrounds property is within short walking distance from the campground.